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Professional Cleaner Pricing Secrets

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Here is a sneak peek at what is inside

the Kit How to calculate the Difficulty Rating for the cleaning job
the Kit Determine the Production Rate based on frequency and difficulty
the Kit Accurately estimate the time to clean restroom fixtures and Additional Tasks
the Kit Correctly estimate the required number of Production Hours it will take to clean the job
the Kit Determine the appropriate Hourly Rate to accurately bid the job
the Kit Bid formulas for Special Services Floor Care, like Strip and Wax, Buffing, Machine Scrub, Tile and Grout Extraction, and more
the Kit Bid formulas for Special Services Carpet Care, like Hot Water Extraction and Bonneting
the Kit Bid formulas for Special Services Window Cleaning, like Interior, Exterior or Both
the Kit Bid formulas for Special Services Initial Detail Cleaning, an easy up-sell to bring the facility up to your basic maintenence standard

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Professional Cleaner Pricing Secrets

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    Professional Cleaner Pricing Secrets

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